Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Preparing for FAEA

I am so excited to attend the Florida Art Education Association annual conference in Daytona Beach! I have my schedule planned out. I have my beach attire selected for the Fun in the Sun Beach Bash, I also have the art room ready for my absence and a guest teacher!
I hardly ever take a sick day, or a personal day because I dread planning for a guest teacher. I always wonder if I will have explained lessons in an effective way. Have I thought of all the things that my guest teacher will need? It is a little easier to plan when it is an advanced plan, like for the conference. I found some great lesson ideas on PInterest that I modified for my students. Kindergarten through second grade will be creating monochromatic drawings based on Harold and the Purple Crayon. I put together boxes of materials with one colorin a variety of hues. Students will review a variety of lines with the book. Third through fifth grade will be creating a design for a paper cube and use line art from a Mayan art coloring book as inspiration as a tie in to Hispanic Heritage Month.

Here are the materials all ready to go.

The materials are ready to go on the counter.

Two days worth of paper ready for each class. The orange and green papers are the Hawk Communicators that I use to communicate with classroom teachers about the over all behavior of the class as well as give shout outs to students who deaw attention to themselves in a poisitve way. There is a place on the note for other general comments.

This is just a shot of the work in progress cabinets. I hang an exemplary student work from each class here. I know there isn't anything hanging on my fourth grade section, they are currently working on Puerto Rican carnival masks in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

This is just a random sweater that was left in the art room. It's been on every counter in the room. I found a coat hanger in the supply closet and hung it with a note. I hope someone helps this poor sweater find it's owner.

I can't wait to update you on what I learn at the conference, and to have some after pictures of the room.


  1. I like how you left them "smART" challenges! I will have to try that in my room when I go to the TAEA conference coming up!

    1. When I came back from the conference, many of the students wanted to continue working on their smART challenges. I'll have to create a post about the cube project. Thanks for reading.