Saturday, August 31, 2013


It's always great to get sample materials when attending conferences. Last year while attending the Florida Arts Education Association conference in St. Petersburg I loaded up on goodies! I understand the purpose of them is to try them out and then to purchase them in quantity, but I always have a hard time putting them to use. In a sample, there isn't enough to go around for an entire class, so I feel guilty and all of those fun treasures sit, neglected in the bottom of a bag.

While preparing for the new school year, I decided to put these goodies in a box that I might use as prizes sometime this year. I came across some window crayons and markers by Crayola, and thought I would test them out.

The crayon has a twist-up end that helps protect the material.
Since I'm always running out of bulletin board and wall space, I decided to use the office window.

 I used the crayon to write some basic expectation reminders on my office window. I used a dry erase marker to first write the message on the outside of the window. Then I used the crayon, which is more opaque and easier to read, to trace the lettering on the inside of the window. After wiping away the dry erase marker, I was able to see the message very clearly. It actually shows up best with the light off! The message is protected from wandering kiddo hands because it is on the inside of the window!

I used the window markers and the window crayon on the windows that face the courtyard of the school. On each of the four windows I wrote one of the student expectations. I once again wrote on the inside of the window after I removed the screen. I felt more confident in writing backwards and didn't worry about spelling out my messages on the other side of the glass.

The messages show up a little less than I would have liked. The markers are very difficult to see. I used the crayon to outline block letters and that really helps with the visibility of these positive reminders.

When I went back to photograph the windows I also found that the humidity had caused the marker ink to run overnight while the air conditioner was not on. I like the idea, and find that the window crayons work the best, so I will be ordering some of these for my future messages. Until then, I guess I have to wipe the windows and start fresh.

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