Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome Back, Students!

I am constantly amazed at technology. With a vast array of tools at our fingertips not only can we create in the real world, but we can also create in  a virtual/digital world. In the past I have used Powerpoint and SmartNotebook to present beginning of the year expectations, grading criteria and other classroom information. Today, I dove into the world of Prezies.  I was inspired to try Prezi because of presenters at the Florida Art Education Association conference last year, the beginning of the year presentation to the visual arts teachers in my school district and finally from a pin on Pinterest. If you haven't given it a try I recommend it; look for their educational accounts when you sign up! This online application is very easy to use and creates dynamic presentations that I'm sure my students will remember.

Wow! That sounds like an advertisement. I assure you that I am not getting paid by this company. I will have to make some additions the Art Room Expectations section of this Prezi. There are some bullet points for each expectation that I will add later from a poster in the art room to ensure that I am being consistent.

I took inspiration from  video game designer Jane McGonigal for the Art Room Power Ups section. Click on her name to see her TedTalk. Essentially students can earn a point for each of the power ups. It's my way for keeping track of student grades. They earn points for following directions, craftsmanship, skill, critical thinking and knowledge with a total of five points for the day. I hope that students see my class as a game where they can excel.

Have you used Prezi? What were your successes?

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