Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thanksgiving Vacation

While many of my colleagues are travelling north to visit family or cruising to tropical destinations, I am just hanging out at home. I have not been able to vacate my thoughts from school. I am part of a team of art teachers in our district enlisted to revise the art curriculum to create a more specific timeline, include aesthetic and art criticism components among other revisions. In addition to this and the presentation that I'm working on as follow up to the FAEA conference I am churning on ideas for our Winter Arts Festival at our school the second week of December.

 I have, however, found some time to be creative for myself. 

I learned to make origami ornaments by watching YouTube videos. I am amazed at how much we can learn and do after making a simple search. Thank you to Hassan Reza for a great tutorial! 

I have worked on making some monsters of my own based on the monsters that my second graders have been working on. 

I used sparkle felt for the bodies of mine, perhaps I will have to get glitter felt for our projects next year. The kids would love it!

What did you do with your time away from school?

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