Saturday, November 16, 2013

Job chart update

We have to constantly adapt and change as teachers!
The art studio job chart started like this.
The job chart works! Every student has a job in the art studio and seems to take more responsibility for their materials and their space. During a walk through observation my principal noticed how the students were clamoring out of their seats see what their job would be for the day. The chart was small and hard to read from all areas of the room. As suggested I enlarged the chart and created what you see below. My students have learned what each job function is, so they no longer require the descriptions (though I do verbally remind them from time to time.) I made the four large job monsters and gave them each a number badge that coincides with the number at each table. I move the number badges each week to give the students equal opportunity for their favorite jobs. 

A new monster sized job chart!

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